Terms and Conditions

Craft Exhibitor Stalls

Payment: Stall payments can only be paid for by BACS or by cheque made out to Salisbury Cathedral.
All cheques are subject to authorisation by the bank or building society. If the issuer of your cheque refuses to or does not, for any reason, authorise payment to us, we will not be liable for any delay or missed deadlines. To be eligible to exhibit you must be over 18 years of age.

Stalls: Stall payments must be made in full by 31 May 2017, otherwise the organisers reserve the right to offer the stall elsewhere. Full terms and conditions relating to the booking of stalls and exhibiting at the event are given below and will also be made available for you to read prior to submitting your application. Further copies are available from the organisers at any time.

General Conditions

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VAT: The event is being organised by Salisbury Cathedral which is an ecclesiastical corporation established for charitable purposes. All costs include VAT.

Full Terms and Conditions of Exhibiting

Please read this document carefully. When you return your application form you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions if successful with your application to exhibit.

1. Exhibitors must keep their stalls open and attended by knowledgeable staff throughout the period of the event from 10.00 to 17.00 on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 September.

2. Exhibitors may not sub-let space within the area allocated to them. Nor can they share the space with others.

3. The organisers reserve the right to move stalls and reallocate space previously notified to exhibitors and to cancel and/or amend the event if required by circumstances outside their control.

4. The organisers will remove any part of the display outside the limits of an exhibitor’s allocated space and may further restrict the display or demonstration of any mechanical or other equipment should it be a nuisance to other exhibitors or the visiting public. The use of video equipment must be authorised in writing by the organisers before installation.

5. Exhibitors must not display goods of an inflammable, noxious or obscene nature, and the organisers will remove any such unsuitable material from the event.

6. No screws, nails, short head screws, nails and staples may be used on the shell scheme, or used on the Cathedral fabric. Exhibitors will be liable for any damage caused to the shell scheme and/or fabric of the building.  Velcro use only.

7. No part of an exhibitor’s stall or display may be attached to the Cathedral fabric. Exhibitors will be liable for any damage they cause to the fabric of the venue.

8. Exhibitors may not move or install any lighting or electrical appliance without written approval of the organisers. Any lighting or electrical appliance not supplied by the electrical contractor must be approved by the contractor before installation. PAT testing certificates must be shown during set up of the event.

9. Exhibitors wishing to display work substantially different in nature from that accepted by the selection panel must apply to the organisers in writing.

10. The organisers do not accept any liability for loss or damage to exhibitors’ work either during the event or during the setting-up or dismantling. Insurance is the responsibility of the individual exhibitor and exhibitors are expected to ensure they are covered for all eventualities including public liability. Exhibitors are advised to cover and protect their work at night as condensation is an uncontrollable condition created in the Cloister area. Please note that condensation can occur at any time, day or night.

11. Payment in full must be received by 31 May 2017. The organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to exhibitors who have not paid for their stall in full prior to the event opening.

12. Stalls are allocated in June upon payment in full. Exhibitors withdrawing from the event after 30 June 2017 will be liable to pay up to 50% of their stall fees.  Exhibitors who cancel after 31 July 2017 will be liable for the total cost of their stall.

13. Exhibitors must ensure that their displays are adequately stocked with saleable goods made by the exhibitor for the duration of the event. If items are batch produced rather than made fully by the exhibitor, goods should be labelled as such and information about the making process of all exhibits should be available to visitors of the event, along with a healthy supply of business cards and/or leaflets/flyers.

14. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw their offer of space from any exhibitor owing monies to the event on any account. The organisers also reserve the right to reject applications from makers who have contravened the Terms and Conditions at previous festivals.

15. All exhibitors should give full co-operation to the appointed publicity contractor and official photographer and videographer in attempting to achieve coverage and promotion for the event.

16. If, because of war, fire, strike, adverse weather conditions or other cause beyond the control of the organisers, the event is cancelled, the organisers shall have no liability to exhibitors for the refund of stall fees or loss of income resulting from such cancellation.

17. Whilst the organisers take every effort to ensure that exhibitors’ details are correct in the promotional material for Salisbury Contemporary Craft, the organisers cannot accept responsibility for any errors printed therein and the organisers shall have no liability to exhibitors for any claims resulting from such errors.

18. In consideration for the Salisbury Contemporary Craft assisting exhibitors in promoting their work, exhibitors agree to grant the organisers a non-exclusive copyright licence for the 12 months following the Event for any promotional materials supplied to the event organisers and/or its appointed publicity contractor, for the purposes of promoting and publicising their work and any future events. In granting this licence, exhibitors should be aware that the promotions may include the use of these materials on the internet (world wide web) and that any images supplied may be scanned and held digitally for this purpose. The copyright is and will continue to be beneficially and solely owned by the exhibitor, who must ensure that it does not and will not infringe on any other copyright and that no information contained in the materials is or shall be inaccurate, misleading or injurious.

19. Exhibitors will be allocated security wrist bands and/or an exhibitor pass plus one additional wrist band if required for a helper. Names must be given in advance. Only official bands and passes will be recognised and security will refuse entry if these are not worn or shown. Extra bands and passes cannot be issued once the Event has started.

20. Exhibitors will be allocated time slots for offloading on Friday 8 September, from 06.30. Upon arrival, all exhibitors must report to the traffic hut and collect a pass to enable them to park in the Close. This pass must be clearly displayed in the windscreen of their vehicle. Offload of vehicles will be close to the Cloisters and once vehicles are offloaded they can then be moved to an allocated parking area in the Close Grounds, within a 5 minute walk of their stand. All stalls must be fully set up by 09.45 on the Friday 8 September. 

21. Exhibitors must stay until the end of the event and must pack up PRIOR to fetching their cars. The clearing down of all stalls must be finished by 18.30 on the Saturday.

22. Disabled parking will be available in the Close during the Event upon written request which should be made at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the Event.

23. The Close is secured from 23.00 to 07.00 every night.

24. All exhibitors enter at their own risk. All exhibitors should ensure that they are adequately insured on the date of the event for public, product and employees liability and a copy of all relevant documents must be submitted prior to the event using the Exhibitor Area of the website. All exhibitors must ensure that they have the necessary licence(s) to legally conduct their business on the day.

25. All exhibitors have a responsibility to ensure the health, safety and welfare of themselves and others. The organisers shall not be held responsible by any exhibitor or their staff/agents or members of the public for any injury or loss due to negligence or unsafe displays. All exhibitors are required to have carried out an assessment of the potential risks associated with their activities (risk assessment) and to have submitted this document prior to the event using the Exhibitor Area of the website.

26. Exhibitors who are demonstrating must also provide fire safety equipment appropriate to their activities. The organisers shall not be held responsible for loss or damage of stock or equipment, howsoever caused, during the event.

27. Drinking water is the responsibility of the exhibitor and we recommend that you bring your own source of portable water with you. There is limited access to drinking water near to the site however there are shops nearby as well as the Cathedral Refectory.

28. Exhibitors are expected to keep their surrounding areas as clean as possible throughout the Event. Facilities for refuse disposal and recycling will be provided on site. No trade waste is to be placed in the public bins and should be put instead in the commercial bins provided. You are responsible for the disposal of any foul water/oil/fluid and we recommend that you take it away with you in a suitable foul drainage system.

29. Electrical supplies are available upon request. However, exhibitors must request this when submitting the application form as this may have an impact on the allocation of stalls. The additional fee for providing you with power or additional lighting points must be specified up front and paid for in full in advance directly to the electrician. Extension leads if required (from the supplied unit) should be brought by the exhibitor and are not available from the organisers.

30. Exhibitors may NOT bring their own generators onto site. All electrical equipment must be certified and have a current PAT certificate. This certificate must be made available for inspection by our electrician at the event. Please note that non PAT tested equipment cannot be used under any circumstances. Once accepted, please forward copies of PAT certificate(s) and please refer to point 8.