New look for Salisbury Contemporary Craft / by Salisbury Cathedral

The exquisite medieval cloisters of Salisbury Cathedral are the location for this year's event

The exquisite medieval cloisters of Salisbury Cathedral are the location for this year's event

After three successful years, the Festival is about to enter an exciting new phase. Rotary Salisbury who instigated and lead this initiative, are keen that it does not stay still and that new ways of connecting people and great craft and skill are explored. What has also been evident is the huge interest in seeing such a wide range of skill displayed in all the fantastic examples of design as well as in seeing the processes involved up close .

The visual setting and obvious historical connections to the Cathedral have been a key feature in the feedback from both makers and members of the public and the intention, therefore, is to make more of that link and host the Festival actually within the magnificent Cathedral environs. In order to facilitate these new developments, Salisbury Cathedral will lead the event, supported by Rotary and other partners along with our many dedicated volunteers as before.

Now is an opportune moment to look afresh at and reshape the elements that have made this such an enjoyable and worthwhile event over the last three years. The opportunity is here to make more of both the heritage skills and the contemporary craft on show and to do this effectively and with greater rigour, it has been decided to separate out the event.

Our two-day summer event will focus solely on contemporary craft on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 September 2017 and because of the time needed to develop new and exciting potential partnerships, a heritage skills focused event will run afterwards in 2018.

We owe a huge debt of thanks to the work Patricia Dixon has done as the Events Manager for the Festival for the last two years and going forwards, we are fully hoping to continue using her expertise on the work of the arts outreach programme 'Craftivate'.

Sarah Rickett

Director of Learning and Outreach, Salisbury Cathedral