Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I apply for both the ‘New’ and ‘Established’ Craft Designers and Makers categories?

Yes. If you are selected for both, you can choose in which area you would like to have your stand.

When do I find out if I have been selected as an exhibitor?

All applicants will be informed of the selection panel’s decision in writing by 28 April 2017. Because of the volume of entries, we cannot discuss individual applications and the selection panel’s decision is final.

Why is the choice and quality of the images so important?

The quality of images is vital to your application and could be a major factor in why good makers or designers don’t get selected.

Ask yourself if your images are sharp and in focus and whether you can you clearly see the object.

Equally, avoid distracting backgrounds and make sure the images aren’t too dark or too light.

Please think about what your selected images say about your work. Don’t send in contrasting pictures of different ranges as the selection panel prefers to see a coherent body of work.

The selection of images you choose will also be used for promotional purposes if your application is successful and this is another reason for ensuring all images are clear and of good quality!

What images do you want?

Please submit via the on-line application:

  • 5 x 300dpi (approx 30 x 40cm max) high resolution ‘jpg’ images of your work; AND
  • 1 x ‘jpg’ image (300dpi if possible) of your stall as it would normally be set up when exhibiting at a similar event.

What file format, size and name do I need for my images?

Each image must be:

  • less than 4MB;
  • uploaded as a JPEG file with the suffix .jpg.
  • labelled with your name e.g. JohnBrown_image1.jpg.

What size of image do you want?

The images should be 300dpi (approx 30cm x 40cm) so that we can use them for promotional purposes. We will resize your photos downward for use on the website and other appropriate media.

How do I change the dpi?

Most cameras are set up to take images in 300dpi.  You can change the dpi in Photoshop or reduce the image size and resolution using any Mac or Microsoft picture editor programme with either an ‘edit’ or ‘resize’ function.

What if my images do not work in your dimensions?

The dimensions are a guide only.  If images lose quality in the recommended sizes by all means make them a little larger or smaller.  Please be careful however not to send photos in a low resolution, as the resolution and file size cannot be increased without adversely affecting the picture quality.

What should I do if I have changed the images to jpgs but they are still unacceptable?

Check they really are ‘.jpg’. Check there are no words or letters after the file extension .jpg. In most cases this can be solved by simply renaming the image xxxx.jpg.

My images have uploaded but the application form will not submit – what should I do?

It is possible that another application is being uploaded at the same time.  Please try again in a few minutes. NB This is likely to happen more as the application deadline approaches – please do therefore get your application in early to avoid frustration!

What does it cost?

3 x 2 metres squared £270 including VAT

2 x 2 metres squared £235 including VAT

2 x 2 metres squared £185 including VAT‘new’ makers concession

What’s included?

  • pitch size with solid walls, lighting, table and chair
  • exhibition stand (velcro hooks only)
  • fascia board with your name
  • stand details in show catalogue
  • images, 40- 50 word description, email and website link on this website
  • exhibitor profile with images on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc).
  • show promotion via our newsletter
  • security
  • on site easy access temporary parking for set up and breakdown
  • free parking within the Close throughout the event
  • free morning coffee and afternoon tea each day
  • printed and digital promotional materials to send to your networks
  • exhibitor awards.

When can we set up our stand?

Exhibitors will be allocated time slots for offloading on Friday 8 September, from 06.30. Upon arrival, all exhibitors must report to the traffic hut and collect a pass to enable them to park in the Close.   Offload of vehicles will be close to the Cloisters and once vehicles are offloaded they can then be moved to an allocated parking area in the Close Grounds, within a 5 minute walk of their stand. This pass must be clearly displayed in the windscreen of their vehicle. All stalls must be fully set up by 09.45 on Friday 8 September.